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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Panasonic Blues continued

It is now Monday the 5th of December and no further news on the repair of the TV so I ring the local repairer, AWA to be told that they are still awaiting go ahead from Panasonic in Sydney. The system says the job is closed! Why???  She will ring them and call me back. Five minutes later she calls to say the job has been escalated...... Not sure exactly how or what this means so I ring Panasonic Sydney myself. They can't find the job on their system! System by name, but not by nature!!!!! A nice young man explains there has been a change in their system of communicating with AWA and I may been caught up in the transition. He takes my details and promises to ensure AWA are notified tomorrow (it's late and he can't log in to AWA at the moment). Hey, is there anybody who needs a systems analyst job with a large electronics company?????

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