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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Panasonic Blues

It's now exactly a week since I lodged a call to Panasonic Australia and their local repairer in Adelaide, AWA asking for our brand new plasma TV to be repaired. What has progressed? Well nothing much. I have learned that no-one came out to repair our TV because they were awaiting proof of purchase (ie proof of warranty). Shame no-one asked me to do this when I lodged the complaint, because this may have sped up the process a little. I could have been sitting here all week , unaware that that my in-action was holding up the process! I sent the email on Tuesday night and on Wednesday I was told that AWA is awaiting the go ahead from Panasonic in Sydney.... So what is a reasonable time for this? When do I start phoning Sydney? Uuggh.

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