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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Digital Music and Related Discussion Links

In this post I am going to list some links to pages which discuss digital music issues and which mostly seem to speak with authority and sense.... To begin with is an interesting article debunking the value of  24-bit/192kHz music downloads. It is entitled "24/192 Music Downloads ...and why they make no sense". .   The bottom line seems to be, many so called HD music files sound better because they originate from different mixes/masters of the original. Not because the format is inherently better than a CD. A good CD recording will sound as good as any, played back on good equipment.

A simple but clear article on the topic appears on the What HiFi web site...

Here is a case in point... the new Beck album on HDTracks ... Oh dear, where is the honesty and transparency?

This article also provides many links to other pages including a topic I have raised before... "The Loudness Wars" . A layman's description of the process of remastering recordings which often seems to produce louder but not necessarily better CDs, MP3s etc may be read at 

Here is another comparison of cheap vs expensive HDMI cables... guess what?

The question as to whether mains cables can block out RFI from domestic Audio equipment is discussed in the following article

To be continued....

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