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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Labelling Containers in Australia

Tonight on the Australian ABC consumer affairs program “The Checkout” there was a presentation on how the cleaning power of “Preen” pre-wash had changed (diminished ), along with a change in the chemical formula. It was pointed out that not even the active ingredients are listed on the container.

This interested my wife as today she had a discussion at a supermarket when purchasing “finish rinse aid” for dishwashers which also gives no indication of the active ingredients, let alone the carrier... The bottle indicates that the “rinse aid” is potentially poisonous and recommends actions in the event of swallowing.  However there is no indication as to what the harmful ingredients are.

I do not believe this is a satisfactory situation. Much has been made of the importance of food labelling and I feel this concern should be extended to other substances used in the home. Labels should include a comprehensive list of active and non-active ingredients as well as their percentages.

Not only does this to allow consumers to make informed choices, both when comparing different brands as well as comparing old and new versions of the same product. It also may help avert a disaster by allowing the correct treatment for misuse or ingestion of the agent.

I think Australian Choice, who support "The Checkout", should extend their food labelling campaign to include all packaged chemical based agents used in and around the home, and elsewhere.

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