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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Adobe's Head In the Clouds

So Adobe wants you to rent its software and space to save and share files in "the Cloud" or the "CC" as they call it.....

So how much more are you willing to pay for your photo processing software... that you don't own... that you are forced to rent for a regular fee whether you use the software or not... that could be withdrawn from your access at any time and  for reasons beyond your control ... that could escalate in price at any time ...  that is vulnerable to cyber attack, beyond your control.... that leaves you without recourse to editing features should you terminate your lease, or your lease be terminated...   ???

How much more are you willing to pay ... someone other than Adobe, who puts their customer first?

Actually, I just had a thought which might help with an aspect of this problem should Adobe persist with their plans. Many of us hobbyists primarily use Lightroom and only resort to Photoshop occasionally for special jobs. We really like what Photoshop provides with its layers, intelligent fills, panoramas etc, but we only use it infrequently and can't really justify the expense of regular upgrades. What if we could rent use of Photoshop by the hour or even the minute. Just pay for the time you are actually using the software. If this was done at a reasonable rate, I think many would take up the option..... Still others will probably be happy to stick with an older version of PS until they find a satisfactory alternative... The door seems to be open for another software developer....

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