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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A week with the replacement TV, but hey, service from hell.

It's been nearly a week with the relacement TV for our defunct Panasonic Plasma. It did not arrive on the Thursday as expected however... It  did arrive in Adelaide on Friday and AWA promptly delivered and installed it. So far no further problems.

This has to have been one of my worst experiences, if not the worst experience of replacing an item under warranty! I can't say that anybody except a terse receptionist at AWA (the other was nice) or Panasonic in Sydney has been anything but helpful. They have generally been very sympathetic, have returned my calls and seem to have made every effort to move the process forward. On the other hand, nearly every system failure possible causing the replacement process to stall seems to have occurred. From the morning I reported the fault to the day the new set arrived, every call I made was met with a lack of available information response followed by an investigation and a later response from the help desk informing me that there had been a system error, which would be corrected. For a big company like Panasonic, this is extraordinary to me! As I said in a previous post, I think there is a job for a good systems analyst here! It may help their PR.

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