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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My What Lovely Speakers You Have, Grandma

The Timberwolfs from Adelaide Speakers.......................................
I may have been expected by friends and acquaintances to be writing here an obituary to my late and beloved mother-in-law who died peacefully from pneumonia on the weekend. I did so for our pets when they died! However, after my father died last year, I felt a blog was a sadly inadequate way of paying respects to someone so important to my life. Perhaps the virtual nature of the Web is disturbingly too close to the temporary, illusory nature of life itself for me to entrust my deepest emotions to it. It seems too commercial, too much like advertising. Its all about selling. If not our products, its ourselves as human beings. So I am far more comfortable telling you about the new loudspeakers I have acquired from Edward at Adelaide Speakers than I am about my late relatives and the time spent doing this is quite therapeutic to the grieving process. Doing this is in truth a form of advertising but it is also about providing information, which hopefully is helpful. I have no commercial connection to the company and do this only out of respect to Edward and the pleasure he has brought to our house.

It's surprisingly, two years since I acquired the 3 way Summoner floorstanders which I have blogged about here previously and some eighteen months since Edward re-fitted my old Kef Concertos in nice new boxes and with his cross-overs so they could continue life in my son's house. Now I have some new Timberwolf 5522ks slim floorstanding speakers for our living area. They stand 80cms tall, 15cms wide and 30cms deep. They have two 5 inch drivers and a tweeter and are finished in a maple stain... see the pic. They look good and suit the room. We wanted something that sounded good but did not dominate the room both visually or with its sound. We considered bookshelf speakers but you still have to mount them somewhere and they won't sound as good. How do they sound? Very pleasantly balanced. Clear articulation with good imaging. Reasonable bass extension but may add a sub-woofer one day. In short, they sound lovely and perform what I wanted them to do. We now enjoy listening to music in the living/dining room as well as the lounge room where the Summoners are.

They run off a Marantz 5003 amplifier with Playstation / PlayTV or NAD cd player providing the audio input. This means we have a wireless network source option, which is nice as well.

Compared with the Summoners, these Timberwolf models hold up very well. Where they differ is in the imaging which is less expansive and in the bass extension which is noticeably less if you do an "a to b" comparison as I did last night. Just the differences you might expect based on the size of the boxes. Other than that, I have noticed surprisingly greater differences in mid to high frequency sound quality and nuance between the NAD and Marantz amplifiers I have!

So once again I am very pleased with Edward's product and recommend you consider his quality, value for money speakers and if you can, spend a little time in his company, while he is still alive and working. I am not starting a rumour about his health. It is just that when one's loved ones are dying, one is reminded to make the most of life's opportunities and pleasures and when you meet a special person who is a true gentleman with something special to offer, he deserves your attention.

So Grandma, I hope you are not insulted I spent all this time NOT writing about you. You were special too and we all loved you. Perhaps if you made loudspeakers, I could have written this about you! Huh. I know. "Cheeky bizm" as you would say.

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